A Nighttime Walk

Date: Mid-January 2014, in between snowstorms — the snow from Winter Storm Hercules had melted and the snow from Winter Storm Janus had not yet fallen
Time: Late afternoon, perhaps five-thirty
Place: Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley and surrounding environs
Photographer: A human named Gina Marie (not pictured)
Walking companion: A canine named Baby Girl (also not pictured)
Camera: Nikon D3100
Lens: 55-200mm zoom
Reason: Just for the heck of it!

School House Lane — East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia

Pine tree silhouette (detail)

Lincoln Drive as viewed from Henry Ave Bridge

Henry Ave Bridge, looking east

Trees silhouetted against sky during magic hour between day and night
1 The Blue Hour

Hiking path parallel to Lincoln Drive, lit by flash after dark
2 Past The Gates

Nighttime scene at Rittenhouse Town historic site
5 Rittenhousetown 3

Another nighttime scene at Rittenhouse Town
3 Rittenhousetown 1

Yet another nighttime scene at Rittenhouse Town
6 Rittenhouse Mill

Apartment building in East Falls
Book Bldg

8 responses to “A Nighttime Walk”

  1. These are great Gina. So peaceful

    1. Thanks, Katy — I’m glad you think so! My favorites are the one of School House Lane and the view of Lincoln Drive from the overpass.

  2. Beautiful, Gina! (PS – how come you haven’t been publishing your posts to your FB page? You really should – so more ppl can enjoy the beauty of your work.) Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Patricia! That’s a good point and I’ll try to post more regularly to FB in the future. I’m actually trying a personal experiment for the month of February, avoiding the site for this month only. (I have an addictive personality, so sometimes — for now, at least — it has to be all or nothing.) Happy weekend to you and Brian!

      1. Oh, well, no worries then! I can completely appreciate how you feel. I’m actually not on there as much as my “norm” lately – but I find when I “lay off” FB, family and friends think something bad happened! It truly has gotten ridiculous. Good luck w/ your experiment, and I hope your weekend is going well, too!

  3. Thanks for understanding. πŸ™‚ I’m enjoying my time away and realizing how time-consuming FB can be. However, there are a few people from whom I haven’t heard a word since politely stepping away. 😦 That’s how it goes, though . . .

  4. You and Babygirl got some wonderful shots! πŸ™‚

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