A Day in Chicago

Although Chicago doesn’t generally top anyone’s list for travel destinations in February, I nevertheless found my spirit rejuvenated by this little trip to the (bitterly cold) Windy City. The mercury didn’t top twenty degrees Fahrenheit today, but I was too excited to care. Following are a few of my favorite shots from Day 1 of my travels.

Urban Skyscape
Urban Skyscape

A Police Officer Dining, in Full Uniform, at XOCO Restaurant by Rick Bayless
Police Officer at XOCO Restaurant by Rick Bayless

Fire Escape
Fire Escape

Cash Register at XOCO Restaurant by Rick Bayless in Near North
XOCO Restaurant by Rick Bayless

Grumpy JeffCat in Near North
Grumpy Husband


Doorway at the MAC Store Along Magnificent Mile
MAC Doorway

Reflections of the City

Magnificent Mile Mannequin
Mannequins Along Magnificent Mile


Urban Pedestrian


7 responses to “A Day in Chicago”

  1. Great pics, very Chicago

  2. I’m soo jealous – I can’t believe what fab timing you have chosen to leave Philly. It was -16 F in parts of the far suburbs here last night!! Love all your travel pics, Gina; keep them coming!

    1. No need to be jealous, Patricia . . . the weather in Chicago was similar. A warm-weather vacation this was *not,* but fun nevertheless! Thanks for your comments, as always. 😉 I hope to post the rest of my Chicago pictures soon. In the mean time, I hope you’re staying nice and warm and out of the snow tonight. Spring is right around the corner . . . I can feel it!

      1. I know to a Midwest person, complaining about tonight’s snowfall may sound crazy – but we have been struggling w/ a frozen-over kitchen faucet from time-to-time and other issues! But at least this weekend we all will be rising above freezing temps and it’s the little things that help! I hope you, BG and your lovely kitty are staying warm in this snowfall tonight. Let’s really hope for a decent warmup soon. Looking forward to more “Windy City” pics – so we Philly folks can feel warmer!!

  3. An entirely new look at the Windy City though the eyes of Mrs. Gina.

    1. You’re sweet, Miss Rose. Muah!

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