Another Day in Chicago

“What do you want for Valentine’s Day, honey?” my husband Jeff asked.

“A Michael Kors handbag,” I replied without batting an eyelash. “But you know, for the same amount of money, we could take a trip somewhere cool.”

In the end, we settled on the latter. And by “cool,” I wasn’t kidding around. With temps in the teens for much of our trip, we had little recourse than to seek indoor activities. We visited Second City and Zanies, two well-known Chicago comedy clubs, spent a few hours at the Chicago History Museum, and dined at various restaurants.

In our down time, we settled into the comfort of a room at the Swissotel on Upper Wacker Drive, near where the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan. Something they don’t tell you on the hotel’s website: they have a fitness center with a phenomenal view on the 42nd floor of the building. Here, I spent a little time working out, and an equal amount of time staring–bedazzled–out the floor to ceiling windows at the city skyline below.
View from the 42nd Floor

From my vantage point near a wall of dumbbells, I made use of my telephoto lens, capturing this shot of a fireboat cruising the Chicago River.

We spent one morning strolling Milwaukee Avenue, a hip street in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Here, I captured the following half-dozen shots.

That afternoon, we ate lunch at Sticky Rice Chiang Mai in Wicker Park for tasty food, friendly service, and charming decor.

Following our meal, we hung out a a coffee shop/gallery called Cup & Spoon while the gray winter sky faded to twilight.

On our second night in Chicago, we caught a show at Second City. While standing in line outside the club, I captured this shot of the building’s exterior.

The comedy show kept us out well past midnight. Upon returning to our hotel room–still buzzing from the day’s excitement–I studied the artwork on the wall next to our bed. There hung a large framed photograph of the city skyline as viewed from the Chicago River. In the foreground, the photo portrayed trees in full bloom: a lovely reminder of the beauty that the city offers between April and October.

Nighty-night, Chicago!

p.s. Throughout most of the trip, I used the built-in camera on my iPhone to capture special moments, as opposed to my trusty–albeit bulky–Nikon D3100. However, all of the shots in this particular post were photographed with the Nikon. A third and final installment in the Chicago travel blog series will display the iPhone shots . . . stay tuned.

9 responses to “Another Day in Chicago”

  1. “What do you want for Valentine’s honey?” “World Peace”… long pause, “What else would you like for Valentine’s honey?”.

  2. Love the ant

  3. Where do you live if you visited there? PLEASE tell me you had deep dish pizza and hot dogs! And remember, it’s always the Sears Tower no matter what! 🙂

    1. Carol, we’re in Philly. We had the deep dish pizza at Geno’s East, although not on this trip. The hot dogs will play a part in the next installment. 😉 And so true . . . several years following the name change, “Willis Tower” still doesn’t feel right.

  4. Cool photos and captions! That would be an amazing sight to work out to!!!

  5. Thanks, Ilona! I agree: the view alone made me want to lift weights for longer than I would normally. They also had a section on the same floor with an even better view of the city skyline with treadmills and elliptical machines, but I didn’t notice that part until my last day.

  6. Gina, imagine my delight when I received my “weekly digest” email of fav new blog posts, and this one was at the top! I adore ea one of your photos. What a fantastic Valentine’s Day present to receive, too! I agree re: the bulky SLRs vs. the capabilities of the iPhone camera. Your Windy City skyline shots above are just magnifique! Enjoying this travel series of yours so much. 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Patricia! Your comments warm my heart. 🙂 Indeed, this was one of the more memorable Valentine’s Days that Jeff and I have shared. I had fun revisiting my memories of the trip while writing this post . . . and there’s one more post still to come! ❤

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