The Princeton 15

Is it possible to fall in love with a university campus? If so, then Princeton has won my heart. I hope my sweetie Jeff doesn’t get too jealous.

I drove 45 minutes west from my new hometown on the Shore, and lo and behold, found myself on the campus of one of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher education. I brought my camera and preserved 99 images on my trusty Nikon, of which I’ve whittled down to the following 15 for your pure viewing pleasure (or so I hope). I now present to you . . . the Princeton 15!

Artsy Shot of a building on Nassau Street.
A young Tony Danza greeted me through the glass pane of the Princeton Record Exchange (which has a surprisingly unique DVD collection; I purchased 3 while I was there, and I’m not even that into watching movies and TV).
A shop on Nassau Street that made me feel as if I were in Tudor England, or perhaps somewhere in Belgium.
He looks pretty convincing, right? But don’t be fooled; he’s made of bronze. The sculpture is called “Out to Lunch” by J. Seward Johnson, Jr.
The Princeton campus is chock full of mysterious portals.
Although this shot is reminiscent of spring, the day of my Princeton photo session was a hot one: 85 degrees and sunny.
So many of the buildings on campus are adorned with gargoyles and Latin inscriptions. I couldn’t help but feel as if I were at Hogwart’s.
The Princeton University website informs its viewers that the architectural styles on campus include Colonial, Collegiate Gothic, Italianate, Romanesque and modern. I wonder which this would be considered? Certainly not the latter.
I heart lamp posts.
We’re on an Ivy League campus. Roar!
Stairway leading to Blair Hall, a building in the Tudor Gothic style which is, architecturally-speaking, the campus masterpiece.
Blair Hall towers over campus, stunning against the backdrop of a cloudless sky.
Blair Hall, Detail
A bronze tiger statue sits regally (and perpetually motionless) in Palmer Square.
I spotted this beauty on a campus community board. She stood out among all the other leaflets: she makes me think of the old axiom
I spotted this beauty on a campus community board. She stood out among all the other leaflets, as she makes me think of the old axiom “Art=Politics=Activism.”

4 responses to “The Princeton 15”

  1. Love these Gina – I never realized Princeton was so much like a castle community. I think I need to add it to the list of must see’s someday!

    1. Indeed, you would love it! Definitely one for the bucket list. And hey, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! 😉

  2. Soo glad you made the trip and as I can see, you liked Princeton! It’s nine years now that I visit there periodically and it really is a beautiful town/univ. campus. I see you found the Princeton Record Exchange!! I love that place and on my most recent visit w/ Brian, I indulged in the 1990s cd section of things I’m missing, like the Chili Peppers. 😉 I encourage you to go back once the Fall semester starts, as you really don’t get the full ‘college feel’ of the place unless the summer break is over.

    1. Come to think of it, Patricia, I remember viewing some pretty cool Instagram photos you posted from your visits to Princeton with Brian. Maybe we can all meet up there at some point for a drink. And yes, I was enamored of the Princeton Record Exchange! I walked in and felt like I’d entered a vortex that transported me back to the good ol’ days of late 90’s used CD shops, which I’d so adored during my college years in Minneapolis. 😉 I would have stayed longer, but my parking meter was set to expire. I’ll definitely be back to Princeton again soon. As always, thanks for your commentary!

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